Her curious nature

By |Published On: April 25th, 2014|

While there’s comfort in the familiar, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering something new.

To me it is like a shot of adrenaline and that keeps me elated for days (may be because I am so curious in nature). I love finding and experimenting with new things, I love new brands or names that do not show on the google search machine or it is difficult to read what the critics says about them. I like to find bits and pieces in between the lines of printed magazine articles and then grab and research all about them. A friend of mine used to say that the devil is in the details, may be so depending on how you interpret the saying, but for me it is the beauty and the sparkle that lay hidden and quiet under the surface of a whole lot of obvious things.

So curiosity is why I have decided to start this initiative, presenting fashion and accessory designers who are not that popular outside of their countries, despite that they have the talent, the enthusiasm and the passion, they speak a thrillingly symbolical language and they work hard. It feels like they will be discovered any minute and will turn into global names before you are able to capture the magic…Well, I didn’t want to miss that magic. I wanted to share it with others before it is gone, before a big name such as LVMH or Kering comes into the picture and turns things upside down, before mainstream starts messing with their thinking and their pieces are still affordable.

How it happened

Style Diaries partnered with a great photographer and mum, a positive space where transforming women is a fun journey and a catering company with a taste for tradition and art and we have organized two days of POP UP shops in Zug and Zurich.

The designers we’ve chosen are Bulgarians and you are going to love them. Why?

Sassa Björg is an adventurer, she loves picking her own fabrics and designing clothes that speak out. If I can say that – these are opinionated garments. You are not hiding in them, you are putting yourself out there, you are bold and frank and you are very much proud of being who you are. I love them for being so graceful, versatile and sassy (just like Sassa (Björg):

Papieta’s accessories are statement pieces. Most of them are made of leather and metal and they carry the sense of past glory. They remind me of the Golden Age of Medieval Bulgaria, the dark glamour and boldness of these times. Papieta’s pieces are meant for the modern urban amazon. These pieces are a perfect complement to a set of sexy luxury lingerie, presented exclusively in Zug by INTIMATES.

Jina Sheovska jewelry screams “Girls wanna have fun” and she is fun, playful and different, chameleon-like. I love Jina’s Summer Rattle and Chains, but she is amazing because of the unique way she uses to transform a girl into a woman and the other way around. Again all the jewelry is handmade and Jina uses beads, wood, leather, all natural materials.

Kalina Chankova likes to provoke people’s imagination, looking at common things in a different way. She is an experimentor, an artist and a story teller, she is romantic and vintage, she is the one I know the least, but I can feel she dares women to explore their many sides.