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By |Published On: January 26th, 2015|

There are two things I feel about every first month of the new year: a sense of being grounded and a feeling of intactness. Let me explain.
You know how after all the parties and binge drinking, after all the sleep-overs and dinners out, you kind of start craving your regular life back again. Simple things such as sitting on your couch again and watching your old favourite movies with a bowl of salad and a glass of red wine or going to bad early with a good story and a box of chocolates
You need back your routine which by mid January might drive you to a mild depression but so what. In fact it is not your life that causes your depression. The reason is purely physiological.

Did you know that alcohol can increase anxiety and stress and make you feel depressed over time? Now can you try and count all the cocktails and glasses of champagne you’ve had in that past December? Not to mention the idea of the New Years resolutions and the late mania to juice cleanse from all your food sins.

Not that I have anything against Detoxing, but why the hell should I cause my mind and body more stress when there is not much light and opportunities to celebrate anyway in January, except if I go back home and count on that glass of wine and a warm meal in the evening with the family. I personally prefer doing my juice and smoothie cleansing  in spring, but let me stick to the topic of January. Feeling grounded is not so bad after all. I see it more as coming back to earth, finding my balance again into doing routine stuff and starting to make new plans.
As for that sense of intactness, when an year is over I’d like to leave all that has been behind me. I’d like to start a new chapter without a sense of regret or guilt and instead imagine that I am whole again. This is how I like to feel myself on that first week of the month every new year and I like to keep it that way.

Not that I am a control freak but I also like that January kind of brings me back that sense that I am in control of my life again. That explains my look these days: black and white, clean sharp lines and high heels

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