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Friends are the family that you choose yourself (#Friendship)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I´d say they are right. The only thing is though, that sometimes you don´t know the people in said village, or you may not even speak their language, both literally and metaphorically.

Raising a child is, as far as I´m concerned, the hardest thing there is. “Everyone” seems to have their act together and knows exactly what they are doing it seems, whereas I am just hoping for the best, going on gut feel and coffee. This is exactly why we need that village. We need a group of people to help us, to talk to, to make us feel like we are not completely messing up. We need that group of people who like us even when we are having a really rubbish day. Hell, we might even be having a really rubbish week or even year! But what if you don´t have that village nearby? You create you own village I say!
The thing with being an expat/immigrant/traveler, is that you have this amazing opportunity to meet people you would perhaps otherwise never have met. Some of these people turn into friends. Some friends will stay with you forever, others will be more short term, but never forgotten. These people are your village.
I don´t know about you, but with Christmas coming up I feel an even stronger need to catch up with friends, new and old. Perhaps it is because Christmas is so closely connected to family, or perhaps I am just becoming slightly more sentimental with age. Either way, I am forever grateful for my friends. They make me a better person, by questioning my thoughts and beliefs; they are there to pick you up when you are stumbling along in the dark; and they are there to have hours of fun with, laughing about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Likewise I would like to think I am there for them.

I know for a fact I have disappointed friends in the past, and for that I feel forever remorseful. (a note from the founder: you can’t live a life not disappointing anyone Anna, what’s most important is to not end up disappointing yourself) However, I would love to think I am a good friend (another note from the founder: You are!). A fun friend, but most importantly a friend who will come to the rescue when someone calls for help.

So this festive season, make sure your friends know you are still there. Send them a hand written card, a photo, or even a cheery WhatsApp will do. Make it your New Year resolution to be more present in your friends´ lives, and hopefully you will be surprised at the amount of energy you will receive.

And with new found energy, who knows what you can achieve in 2017?!

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