What women want in Fall, beside new embellished sweaters and suede ankle boots, women like to declutter and re-establish a new beauty routine to boost their self-esteem in the new season. We explored into those beauty ideas on how to keep a fresh and glowing tan during those gloomy days of Fall.

By Tsitaliya Mircheva
With Fall slowly descending upon us, the fog and the rainy days leave very little excitement in our every day life, except for the lush autumn leaves that fall on our way to work, or the fresh red cheeks after a long walk on a chilly morning. If you want to keep that glow though without spending hours in the steam room or the SPA, we better invest into a good foundation and a proper powder blush set.

This Fall we are falling head over heels for the cool new design of KIKO Cocoa Blushes, that resemble on the outside a piece of delicious chocolate bar. One for the beauty, one for the soul: All that to keep the fresh summer tan through the autumn days and a bright wide smile with glowing cheeks because glow is not that easy to tackle after 35.




Beside thinking of how you look, don’t forget that consciously taking care of your skin is essential. We recommend to start one of the fruit enzyme peelings at a beauty salon and keep your SPF application routine every day despite the fog and the cloudy skies. And if you are a busy mom our favourite solution that saves time but targets two skincare issues: even tone and sunscreen.  Check the superfresh facelift KIKO did for their Illuminated Beauty Skin tone Foundation design. Available in various shades for an even skintone and a new UNIVERSAL STICK CONCEALER in eight different shades of medium to high coverage .