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must have fall knit sweater

Photo Credits: Elisa Hutter

This Fall knits are having a moment and I have already picked up a few of them to share in the next posts with you. This Fall must have knits are all about the right colour and the right fabric! Where is the wool coming from, what’s the story of the piece, who made it and how can I layer it in my already existing aesthetic?

These are the questions I ask myself every time I am thinking of buying a new fall sweater.

Bu there is something else too. The emotion, the story I begin to imagine wearing this piece! For me Autumn days are filled with nostalgia, good poetry, old music and great movies.

You may have mixed feelings about nostalgia, but I love it… nostalgia is like this feeling when you go back to the beach in October: the restless water looks glorious, the sound of the waves sounds more dramatic than ever and the wind is boisterous…you feel uncomfortably cold, lonely and sad, but you also feel excited and privileged to grasp this mighty glory of nature…

And right here in this moment you need something warm and cozy, a hug, a reminder that you will come back, swim in the ocean and soak in the sun. That’s what this knit sweater feels like…

And if you ask me I need that sweater on a windy evening in Zurich when it starts to rain and the wind blows into my face scattering the first autumn leaves on the Bellevue platz. I need that sweater for a late afternoon stroll with my dog (who am I kidding, I don’t have a dog, but I have kids and we like to walk a lot on weekends), wearing your favourite jeans and comfy boots. On one of those evenings when you want to stay for just another drink listening to your favourite band with friends and discussing life, eternal love, books and the state of the world with your besties.

Fall knits
knit sweater
ocean green fall sweater
By Adushka