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This is how this story begins

I met Anna years ago, when we both had our first ones (our kids I mean, what else were you thinking)?
Anna is Swedish and has two boys, she studied in London and then moved over here in Switzerland with her husband, from London to Lucerne to be precise. She owns a gorgeous white horse and she loves cycling. In fact Anna is obsessed with sports and you can see it in the way she moves, her athletic lean body and her vibrant energy. After graduating in London as a BA in Marketing and Communications, Anna started a job as a Management Consultant in Mayfair, but she quit when she realised somethings did not click. She re-trained to be a Personal Trainer and found a job at a private members club in Mayfair before moving to Switzerland. Anna loves fashion, but beyond the shopping sprees with girlfriends and the glossy Vogue magazines. Today we sat into her kitchen to talk about fashion and in what way it exactly appeals to her …

Who did you want to be this morning? I went for the grungy, slouchy, “look how I totally didn’t try hard this morning”. Did I pull it off? Well this is what absolutely fascinates me about fashion.

Fashion to me is about many things. It is, at its simplest level, cloth to cover your body. It is also, at its higher level, a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) form of communication. Think about it. We are so lucky these days that women, and men for that matter, have the ability to wear almost anything. There are shops for any type of style. And this is what makes fashion so exciting. Anyone wearing clothes must make a choice. What do I want these clothes to say about me? What do I want people to think when they see me wearing these clothes? Whether we want to or not our clothes, and thus fashion, tells people something about us.
Of course I would never want to convert anyone into enjoying fashion as much as I do, I just simply do not understand how one cannot be totally fascinated by it.

My own personal love of fashion is not necessarily a blind following of the latest trends, instead I am interested in how fashion “works” on people and for people. Fashion has the ability to make you feel confident even when you’re not, it has the ability to make you feel strong and sexy even though you may feel like a little mouse inside. Put simply, I believe fashion has the ability to help you look like the best version of yourself.

Fashion to me has evolved from being something I enjoyed reading about and watching on TV (who, other than me, watches Fashion TV?), to something of a lifeline to the grown-up world I do not always get to spend time in. As a full time mother of two young boys, fashion is not always at the top of the agenda. Having said that, fashion has helped me stay breathing at times I felt like drowning. It may sound dramatic, but anyone who has had children will know how easy it is to completely lose yourself in the process of raising children. Keeping at least one little finger in contact with fashion, mostly in the form of blogs, magazines and of course, Fashion TV, has helped me keep at least a small part of the old me. And dare I say it, I have managed to exude (read communicate) an air of capability, of being in control, of having my act together through fashion, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I chose the tight black jeans instead of the yoga pants, the fitted t-shirt instead of my husband´s baggy one and eh voila, got this parenting lark down to a T.

Anna is wearing

Brown Wool Jacket by Aéthérée

her husband’s white shirt and her own bag

Green wool dress with lace sleeve details by Lida Noba

Silk blouse and green skirt by Lida Noba

Necklace hand made by Lida Noba with vintage detail

Black and blue lace dress by Lida Noba


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