Sabrina and Annina

Every adventure needs love and passion to grow and become successful. In this case we have two family businesses that made women fall in love with their clothing lines and grew from small adventures into fluent brands. The first one, based in Switzerland, opened in 1944 and with its unmistakable unique style and clean lines, it grew from a small boutique with five employees into a Fashion House with six branches across Switzerland and 150 employees. Today Modissa represents a selection of some of the most popular international fashion brands and its own line of basic cashmere, wool and cotton, as well as some new emerging designers.

This week Modissa opened the first store representing the Belgian brand Essential Antwerp. Beside that both companies started as family businesses, there is a lot more in common when it comes to their sartorial language. At Modissa you can find lots bold prints and a refreshing mix of styles that evokes feelings of adventure and playful chic. It is very much offbeat luxurious, but accessible fashion for the global trotter. Essential Antwerp carries the same sense with its graphic and floral prints. There is a lot of playfulness and desire to have fun wearing sequins, embellished blouses, rhinestone brooches and sorbet colour sports shoes. The current collection offers fabulous feather flower choker necklaces with palm tree tunics and african print blazers. It is wearable and accessible and we love to implement those new several pieces in our current wardrobes.

Essentiel Antwerp Blazer, African print, Modissa Zurich

Essentiel Antwerp cardigan, Modissa Zurich

Essentiel Antwerp clutch with heart, Modissa Zurich

Essentiel Antwerp sneakers, Modissa Zurich

Essentiel Antwerp skirt and sweater in pink, Modissa Zurich

Essentiel Antwerp trosers and shirt, Modissa Zurich

Flower skirt by Essentiel Antwerp