When you think about it, some of the most important life-changing decisions are taken over an innocent rendez-vous between friends or spouses. Something like that happened when two “new to town” ladies met in a small Zurich Cafe over a pot of Mint Tea. Eventually, they pulled out their Mac computers and crafted a mission for a new adventure: help women discover the city. This is what I call being at the right place with the right people (wink). And this is what I call “The beauty and magic of life”…sometimes things just happen!

Do they happen to you in the same way? If not, can you check if you are in the right mindset? Well, this is a theme I am going to pursue in our next film. (Can you believe it, I am just about to publish our third series and already am talking about the next episode…what do you have to say about that?)

Back to Deja and Angelica, who despite their mad schedule and amazingly creative and dynamic reality, but also very humble state of mind (check the film to see what I mean), agreed to take part in Mums in Heels and share their wisdom with all of us in order to make us feel: better, understood, not alone, brave, motivated, empowered, strong, fabulous, loved AND start believing in our limitless powers…

So what are you waiting for? Just hit the play button!