Sh*t to think about in 2018

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by Tsitaliya Mircheva The first time I heard about New Year’s resolutions was 20 years ago when I moved to Connecticut, USA. I have to admit I never took that thing too seriously. I am usually a disciplined person [...]

The new sex appeal of motherhood

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“I grew up with the notion that after a baby, you were supposed to lose your sex appeal; hate your new body, dress to cover it up, and mope around Target like a frumpy woman desperately missing her youth…But then [...]

How to protect your relationship after having kids

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Sponsored post by gutschlafen On relationship: "We choose partners whose company we enjoy; who make us feel good when we’re with them; and who make life fun—the same way we choose our friends”. Psychology today It’s Sunday morning and we are still [...]

6 New Cool Kids’ Brands To Watch Out For

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By Farah Al-Hoyidy It is no mystery that parenting is a hard long journey often not the most stylish and elegant one for any mum...but I've discovered a way to uplift the fashionista spirit in me every day by choosing [...]

Honestly about Motherhood

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INTERVIEW WITH DESSY DIMOVA writer and author at The Girls in the City  Dessy and I met at the beach of the Aegean Sea in Greece. Like many other precious encounters in my life, this one started as a carefree [...]