The Wedding Guest Fashion Season

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by Farah Al Hoyidy The wedding bells are ringing and the latest Spring 2018 collection is here …. this only means one thing, DRESS HUNTUNG! So let the parties begin but keep calm, because I will be bringing you the [...]

Age does not define who you can be

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by Sherry Kallergis /  Photography Simon Armstrong Age may define who you are but it doesn’t define who you can be. Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is living proof. At 26 she was a veterinarian, 36 a science teacher, 46 an art student and [...]

Style Incarnations

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I once spoke to a French fashionista who owns one of the chicest boutiques in Zurich and I remember her telling me: “A girl can never own enough shoes”. Sadly for our saving plans that’s very much the truth. So, [...]

What is the point of 20 days of runway show

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Fashion weeks may be viewed as frivolous, superficial and dictatorial but asking the question, what’s the point of them is synonymous with asking what is the point of film festivals, Art Fairs, and the FIFA World Cup? In fact if [...]

Mode Suisse Edition 11

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For 6 years now MODE SUISSE has been fostering and promoting Swiss Design Talent in a distinctively understated way. They mix both raw individualism with fashion norm-core, and anti-fashion sentiment with intellectual outspoken fashion. This week Edition 11 presented 10 [...]

New Year, New You – Fashion Trends 2017

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by Kathy Patellis Schmidt, Style Etc. Boutique Yes snow is beautiful and all that, but quite frankly I am done with winter and totally ready for spring. If nothing else because it means we can finally get that spring coat out [...]