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Best seller: 4 Week Brand Accelerator Program


Step into Your Spotlight, Magnetize your Audience with an Irresistible Story, Refined Visuals and Effective Message

Make Your Brand Count


Who should join:

  • Solopreneurs who are ready to stand out and be seen, to serve more clients and uplift their profits 
  • Creative women in business who find it difficult to communicate to the world their value
  • Boss Ladies who feel STUCK & INVISIBLE, UNABLE to share their message and attract the right attention
  • Smart women in business who want to become iconic brands


After this 4-week Iconic Brand Booster you will have a…

  1. Clear understanding how to uplift your brand, starting out from your current online appearance (website, logo, colours, stories etc.)
  2. Extraordinary Brand Story that goes straight to the mind and heart of your ideal customer.
  3. Soulful Visuals that trigger the exact emotions you want people to feel.
  4. Consistent Social Media Content and Strategy to become much more visible, attract more potential customers so you can serve and earn more


How it works:

  • An introductory 60 min 1-to-1 with Tsitaliya to discuss your program and goals, plus the vision for your brand
  • For four weeks, we will meet weekly online for 90 minutes to give you step-by-step guidance, brainstorm together, get concrete feedback and answer any of the questions you might have
  • You have unlimited access to Tsitaliya via email to ask questions and get feedback
  • A final 60 minute 1-to-one with Tsitaliya to discuss your next steps to implement your brand strategy plans in line with your daily business agenda


Why is this program Iconic

  • You find your Iconic Brand Story that makes you stand out in the crowded competitive space
  • You Get Guided Step-by-Step individually and within your team of inspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • You get the opportunity to connect and exchange with other ambitious entrepreneurs
  • You are not alone! – You get active support from your enthusiastic peer group
  • The program is over? Not for you! You continue to exchange with a powerful global community of women just like you
  • Maximum 4 participants to get the full focus on you and your Brand


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What others say about this program:


In a globalized world where every individual works for his own profit and quite rarely stops by and really listen to others in order to help, it is remarkable to find somebody who supports you in a professional and sincere way.
Moreover, if it’s coming from a woman to another woman represents nothing but empowerment.

I found through Mums in Heels that empowerment I was searching for to ignite my personal business idea. Tsitaliya just like literally „a mother would do“ listened to me and tried to help me as much as she could in the idea and development process showing me the best way to perfection my business image and message.

I’m satisfied knowing that my business brand identity is well done and reflects just exactly what I imagined once“

Adriana Diboky, Founder of Pure Light

I am in love with both Tsitaliya, who is such a warm and knowledgeable woman, as well as with her course! This course has been a real eye opener on how to 1) set a strategy for social media (that is aligned with your greater brand’s strategy), 2) effectively use story telling in your social media content to truly connect with your audience, and 3) optimise your social media strategy with the right tools! Tsitaliya ALWAYS over-delivers on everything she does!! I am beyond words grateful that she crafted my brand story, which I had struggled with for so long! I never managed to pin-point the key messages I wanted to share and did not know from what angle to engage with my audience through my story. Tsitaliya really nailed the essence of what I want to share and wrote the story in a way that is to the point and easy to follow!

Sabine Orbello, founder and owner of Puricious Health Coaching