Do you ever have those moments when you are in the kitchen and suddenly they are playing your favourite song on the radio and you forget you are 40 and you start to dance and sing BECAUSE no one is watching. But then suddenly you catch yourself in the mirror and your eyes spoil all the fun, because they reveal the truth about you? “I know what you did ….20 years ago and I remember …The girl who used to dance all night long, slept for two hours and then got up for work without even having bothered to remove the make up from the night before? I am not the type to have any regrets, but that one might be my one and only. Ever since having my kids and I started feeling grateful for every six hours of uninterrupted sleep I could get.

Not to mention that looking myself in the mirror every morning is a serious daily reminder of the 18 year old dance maniac I used to be.

Basically the greatest beauty challenge I’ve had in the past five years has been finding the perfect eye cream that targets several issues all at once: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkle prevention.

For many women, especially the sleep deprived mums and the night owls, whose cognitive performance peaks at night, eye creams may be The beauty staple both as an active treatment and a proactive preventative measure. But how is it possible with our busy schedules to make the time and find which eye creams work and which don’t?

Your answer is right here! The team at combed through 404 market leaders to analyze their ingredients and functionality to find six(!) that stood out. As it turns out eye creams utilize completely different formulas for day wear or night wear, and the way you use them can impact their efficacy. For more information, check out the full guide here.