Girls, ladies, moms – can you already smell the crisp sunburnt leaves and the sweet pumpkin chill in the air? It’s this time of year again, when the pumpkin spice lattes return with aplomb and the first roasted chestnut stalls appear on the streets…

Aside from Fall romanticism, I can sense some panic going on in every woman’s wardrobe space. Maybe it’s the fluctuating temperatures and transitioning outfits that make it pretty difficult for most of us to put an outfit together in the morning. Or maybe it’s the urge to shop the new trends your favourite fashion blogger has been flashing on their Instagram feed? Or simply the need to feel cosy – and yet elegantly casual – when it gets chilly out there.

If you ask me for a style tip this season, I can tell you right away that I spend autumn living in a pair of leather pants (or leather skirts), and a summer t-shirt with an oversized blazer or sweater on top.

However, this season I’ve added a new edge to my all-time favourites. In early September I invested in a cool pair of cowboy boots (boots for fall? Groundbreaking!)! And that’s when the magic in my wardrobe happened. I started putting together looks around a pair of boots (and my new hair colour if I have to be completely honest). I’ve got a snakeskin pair from last season and white ones from Uterique, which I love. Suddenly I am not completely lost in the question: What to wear today? And I don’t waste even more time right before I leave the house, fussing around what shoes would match what I am already wearing. These are the precious minutes when I usually miss my train.

Here is how it works: I took out my three pairs of boots (I mean my favourite ones this season, not to fool you that I only have three pairs of boots). Then I came up with three outfits for each pair and oh how easy everything felt….

For example, I love wearing my cowboy boots with maxi flower-print dresses or animal-print skirts, adding a blazer or a leather jacket on top. That’s easy, right?!

Or if you have invested in a leopard-print dress, try it on with your white boots or a utility jumpsuit. It goes with both. How about a black dress or suit with a pair of white boots? These darlings can make any look stand out.

If you are still hesitant on how these ideas look, discover more by browsing through my favorite outfits for this fall!

A Saturday shopping casual




A Drama Day


Lunch Break in the city


Winter is coming soon

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