by Farah Al-Hoyidy

Arket- the new concept store from the H&M group has launched and people are loving it. Considered to be the modern-day market place of the 21st century, and a whole new shopping experience. It all comes down to its name which translates to “sheet of paper” in Swedish, in other words, it’s the minimalist’s heaven under one roof. According to their creative director, Ulrika Bernhardt, the brand relates to their Nordic tradition of functional, long-lasting design and symbolises the blank sheet, the sense of optimism and possibility they felt creating this new brand.

Located in the heart of London, Regent Street, the store specialises in basic high-quality garments for women, men, children and stylish homeware goods. The idea behind the launch was all started due the rise of a new consumer base; consumers nowadays are spending more money on the experience than on fashion. What a better way to cater to this new demand than to shift to a new concept through shopping and a culinary experience. Opening a café inside the store is one treat for the health- conscious shopper, serving up healthy new Nordic cuisine with its use of high quality ingredients. This makes Arket stand out from its other sister brands such as COS and & Other Stories. For those of you who have shopped at H&M’s sister brands, one can see the resemblance in style, it’s the merging of both brands together that gives you Arket, yet with even more understated pieces.

Their minimalist clean-cut garments and silhouettes can be an essential piece to any fashion driven buyer. However, the heart and charm of the store is in the children’s wear. Offering miniature adult pieces with the use of understated classic yet modern designs. Their main focus on their ready-to-wear collection is simplicity and comfort. Being a parent myself, it’s a dream come true finding such a line of clothing to dress my kids in. However, hate to be the bearer of bad news, there are no plans of opening in Switzerland, nevertheless in many neighbouring cities, such as Munich and online in 18 European countries.

To sum up, if you are the all glittery funk, multi-print kind of girl, then this store is not for you. However, if you are looking to upgrade your essential pieces in your wardrobe, then it’s worth a visit. Nonetheless, H&M has once again created a brand that stands out from anything seen in the market. Because they worked towards their goal, offering high quality, accessible fashion for all ages and a unique shopping journey, forcing you to leave your online shopping behind and getting into the store yourself.

To give you a sense and feel of Arket’s style and, without needing to travel anywhere, below are few images that might encourage you to learn more about the brand.

Arket H&M