by Kathy Patellis- Schmidt

You know that moment when your partner looks at you and says: Honey, how long do you think we are going away for?

This kind of starts your holiday on the wrong foot and this is why I keep saying to most of my friends that the best vacations start with a well-planned capsule holiday wardrobe, which, by the way is key to a peaceful summer, especially if your hubby has a knack for skipping town at a moment’s notice.

  1. THINK OUTFITS. Think about holiday plan and consider how you will be spending your days. Make a list of outfits for each day and every evening out.
  2. Pull all your outfits out of your closet and spread them all over the floor so you can have a better look at what you are dealing with and what useful items you can take with you.
  3. Choose a few outfits that work for both day and night and if you have specific scheduled events, plan them as well
  4. COLOR CODE EVERYTHING so you can mix and match all that you are taking with you.

5.TAKE YOUR BEST THINGS: Take that dress you have been saving all year for a     special occasion.

  1. ROLL, DONT FOLD. Rolling seems to save more space than folding and prevents creasing. Anything seriously fragile or embellished should be wrapped in tissue and laid flat on top. Then you can just hang it as up as soon as you arrive.
  3. WEAR ALL YOUR JEWELRY. If you are taking more than what you can wear on one day, carry the extras in an evening bag to avoid loosing them.
  4. STUFF SHOES AND BAGS……Use every inch of space and prevent bags and shoes from getting damaged by placing them in shoe bags. It will also prevent your clothes from marks. This will help you as well to restrict the number of shoe pairs you are taking. One pair of heels should be enough, as chances are your relaxed self will want to wear flats or sneakers.

  1. STOCK UP ON YOUR BASIC MEDS. When your body relaxes , it often lets down its defences. Don’t let a cold ruin your holidays. Always pack meds that you think you may need. Also a new environment, can upset your sleeping habits. The Works Sleep Over kit, with a pillow spray helps you to prevent counting sheep during the night.